Macgork arrives in Baghdad to focus in the liberation of Mosul

2016/8/10 22:30

Oan- Baghdad]

We reached the international coalition's presidential envoy to fight Daash Macgork Brett and his deputy, Gen. Terry Wolff to Baghdad on Wednesday.

A statement by the US embassy received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that Makaaurk and his deputy, "will meet with senior government officials and security of Iraqis and representatives of the coalition led by the United States, while in Iraq."

The statement pointed out that the officials "also will travel to Arbil to meet with senior officials in the government of the Kurdistan region."

The US envoy will discuss according to the statement "during all his meetings to support the ongoing efforts of the coalition led by Iraq to defeat Daash, with a special focus on the planning and preparation for the Liberation of Mosul."

The statement pointed out that "After Iraq, will head the private Macgork presidential envoy to the Moroccan capital Rabat for meetings on August 15, where Morocco is considered a strong partner in the international coalition to fight Daash."

The statement said that Macgork "will meet with senior officials in Morocco to provide them with information about the latest campaign developments and discuss how we intensified our coalition efforts to weaken and crush Daash" pointing out that "During his stay in Morocco, Macgork will also meet with Deputy Saudi Crown Prince and Minister of Defense, Mohammed bin Salman, to discuss aspects of cooperation in the global campaign. "