Minister of Communications officially takes office as Minister for Reconstruction Agency

2016/8/10 19:31


Recognizes and Communications Minister Hassan Rashed Wednesday his duties as Minister of Reconstruction and Housing and Public municipal agency in addition to his duties.

According to a statement of the Ministry of Construction and Housing Agency it has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it Aleo said, "the new minister delivered his duties officially this day, in the presence of agents and the inspector general of the ministry and the general managers, who gave the minister a detailed explanation of the mechanism of work of the ministry, structure and configurations affiliate, has also been addressed to the transfer of the powers granted to the provinces, as well as the subject of the mechanism of integration of the Ministry of municipalities and public works, the Ministry of Construction and housing. "

The minister expressed his "directives advanced to the angel in the ministry," stressing "the need to work as one team and stay away from all sectarian, ethnic and partisan Titles fact that harmony is the basis for success," noting that the functional differences must to Atenseena that handle human is the best way to create a spirit of cooperation among staff ".

He stressed Rashed "the need to work to increase interest in the work of companies and support all the possibilities available to turn it into a profitable company can carry out its functions away from the current financial crisis facing most sectors of the state," adding that "it will not be achieved without the continuous follow-up by the ministry."

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered Dioanaa assume Communications Minister Hassan Al-Rashid and the Ministry of Construction and Housing functions of public and municipalities acting in addition to his duties.

The spokesman for the office of Prime Minister Saad al-Sabri, said in a statement today that the Abadi "is committed to the provisions of the Constitution and the system of Procedure of the Council of Ministers with respect to senior positions in the state has already introduced an integrated program in this regard to the parliament and political blocs listed in detail in the document sent to these blocks ahead of the cabinet reshuffle, which called for him, and included standards and professional requirements as to the mechanism of choice and candidates for these positions at the level of ministers and heads of independent bodies and deputy ministers, advisers, directors-general and their grade in all state institutions to ensure the selection of people, adverse, and competent and know-how, competence and experience and integrity in different grades special. "