Electricity: The Oil Ministry has fulfilled all its obligations with us

2016/8/10 19:44


The Ministry of Electricity, said the Oil Ministry, has fulfilled all its obligations toward it, this year, compared to last year and efficiently, through continuous direct cooperation and coordination between the two ministries. "

A statement by the Ministry of Electricity Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today Alaavae that "The oil ministry has, the processing of the Ministry of Electricity to all types of fuel, according to publicly available, has been granted priority in terms of processing the Ministry of Electricity."

The statement continued that "in spite of the scarcity and lack of launch own-fueled financial allocations, as well as not to transfer the necessary funds from the Ministry of Finance, which caused the stagger your work Bmentoj gas oil [Alkazoel, while the Ministry of oil processing the rest of fuels including crude oil, the quality of high more than last year. "