Parliamentary security: Karrada investigative report in Parliament Saturday and "secret" session.

2016-08-10 at 17:07

Baghdad the balance of news

Detect parliamentary security and Defence Committee member Majid Al ghraoui, Wednesday, on the final report on the Karrada bombing in downtown Baghdad, in Parliament Saturday confirmed that the meeting would be private.

Al ghraoui said l/balance "news investigative Committee on the Karada bombing in downtown Baghdad, I met today, and completed the final report about the bombing, stating that" the report will be displayed during a private meeting Saturday.

He added that "the report contained facts about how the bombing and his manner," but added that "it was revealed all negligence of security chiefs and officers."

Baghdad saw Saturday night, (3 July 2016), killing and injuring nearly 400 civilians, bombing was carried out by a suicide bomber drives a car bomb in Karada.