Iraq signs a contract to import US aircraft march of more than eight million dollars

2016/08/10 15:43

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Announced that the US Defense Department (Pentagon), on Wednesday, signed a contract with the Iraqi government for the supply of drones, and while confirming that the contract value of more than eight million dollars will begin receiving end of August of next year, in 2017, she pointed out that the deal within the Iraqi government's program to develop their intelligence.

The US Defense Department said in a statement published on the jeans and seen by (long-Presse), it was "signed a contract with Iraq worth $ 8.3 million will receive under which aircraft Eagle population system march, including spare parts and services outsourcing to be the delivery process by the end of August of 2017 ", without revealing the amount of aircraft.

The ministry added that "This transaction is part of the Iraqi government's program to develop capabilities within the scope of the intelligence services and aerial reconnaissance and intelligence gathering."

The plane Eagle residents march with a length of 1.5 meters and the distance between the wingspan of 3 meters and be launched using extrusion pneumatic platform. And it provides services from an altitude of 10 thousand feet and is able to remain aloft in the sky for more than 20 hours.