Maliki: I will not give her

18/04/2012 PM - 2:43 p.m. | Hits: 71

Haider Abbas Naddawi

Believe a number of observers of the Iraq that the political movement that is witnessing the political arena does not give a true picture of the positions of the political blocs in claims from the desire to get rid of Maliki and the formation of a new government based on changing the map of political alliances for two reasons: first that these desires may not start from the floor real secure well-established to get the process of change but rather stems from motives of partisan and narrow personal motivated to obtain additional gains, and they can get rid of them and silence them through the negotiation of public and secret and give them what they want and increase, offset by the Maliki important to prevent the threatened Azibd and thundered, the possibility of backing away from threats and Mtbuniath and principles in order to maintain on the throne of Solomon inbound and extent are difficult to plot all latitude and longitude and that is what has been touched in the previous positions that are ^ ah to this view.
and declared the readiness of the National Alliance and the rule of law in particular on the implementation of all the terms of the Arbil confirms beyond any doubt that al-Maliki was convinced that the threats of others that guide him, which of the threat to chair the throne, something real and continue to open fronts, internal and external is not logical for him to return to the starting point and sign again on the implementation of the terms of the Erbil and give Council strategic policies of the Iraqi list and the appointment of the Minister of Defense and restore balance to the institutions of government, Wu and before elapsed time the election will reach the political blocs that al-Maliki took everything did not give everything, and this short is the principle of Mr. Maliki and his.
that al-Maliki said it years ago, which is aware of what he said he would not give her and practices daily proved that the important issue that think the leaders of Iraq are how to maintain the gains of political and party without paying attention to the concerns of everyday people and work to eliminate them and build the country in a modern suit with the financial resources and material available, which dreamed of all the countries of the world.
the past years and the positions that were produced by those years have proven beyond any doubt that the government that manages the affairs of the country the government incapable of anything but the one thing which create crises and sustainability because it is the only gateway that makes them in
constant contact with the event and this error Cetkchwh state law and Mr. Maliki in the near future because the creation of crises is not the prescription saving all the time but that the time has ended and people are looking for the real work that makes the wealth of their country are embodied in the reality of daily tangible offers in the level of services and provide employment in the security and safety in the provision of safe drinking water and electricity and genuine national and international relations and internal based on mutual respect.
I think that the argument "I will not give it" is now in its final days and even concessions to be provided by state law and Mr. al-Maliki will not benefit in the reconstruction of a new ball workout because the experimenter is not logical or Aklaúa and because the Iraqi street is who decides.