Abbadi: World grasped the seriousness of the Islamic State, we will celebrate the end in Iraq soon.


The Premier said Haider Abadi, said Wednesday that "the world grasped the seriousness of the terrorist Islamic State gangs we would celebrate the end of these bands soon."

Ibadi said, during his speech at the second International Conference of information and psychological operations to counter Islamic State, that "psychological warfare and information is an important part of the battle we achieve victories on them militarily and they are trying to exploit every weapon including psychological warfare and information to cover up their defeats, exploiting the difference in us cases to continue, there's help in this matter."

"And release the connector and the end is near and military spending we'll celebrate soon", pointing to "try some Barry Manilow on the battle of Mosul and us caution, pointing out that" the world grasped the seriousness of the Islamic State to gangs and currently stands with us, we fight terrorism for our people and our country and at the same time we defended the States of the region and if we left the Islamic State without a fight because I reached the Bay and all Nations. "

He pointed out that "a fatwa authorizing Sistani Jihad always made our immunity Saba this immunity is not at rest", "Saba logo they remain and expand receiver mortal and dissipate, and that thanks to our forearms on the battlefronts of popular mobilization army and police and members of the clans.

He was surprised at the "outcries that resound as foreign coaches and advisers came to Iraq," adding that "those who fight are our children and no foreign fighter but our troops need to train and it helps us build our equipment in the battle against terrorism."

The Premier said that "we are continuing to fight corruption and won't tolerate him and there are owners of loud voices who try this sounds shuffle and cover up corruption and weaken the Government, but we won't let them because they were the cause of the collapse of the Iraqi army and occupy large swathes of territory of the Islamic State."