The Security Council again fails to condemn North Korea

Security Council failed again to reach an agreement on a statement condemning the launch of two missiles North Korea because of Beijing's insistence on the rejection of the deployment of US missile shield in South Korea.
Washington had prepared a draft statement strongly condemning the missile test by Pyongyang in August and expresses the Security Council's concern because of the rocket reach Japanese waters. According to some sources, China has proposed to include the statement paragraph that "All parties concerned should avoid embarking on any action that might provoke others and increases tensions and to refrain from the deployment of anti-ballistic missiles in Northeast Asia shield under the pretext of addressing the dangers of nuclear programs and missile Korea North ". According to diplomats, the negotiations between the members of the Security Council in order to reach an agreement condemning North Korea reached an impasse. This is the second time that the Council fails to issue a formal condemnation of North Korea after the launch of two missiles landed one of them for the first time in Japanese waters, as the first US attempt in this direction also collided with reservations China. Experiencing the Korean peninsula increasingly tense since the fourth nuclear test by North Korea on the sixth of January and then launch a ballistic missile on the seventh of February in a move seen as a long experience on a rocket Mady.anthy 29 / A 43