Putin May meeting soon "to improve relations."

The Kremlin said in a statement that Russian President Vladimir Putin and British Prime Minister Theresa May talked over the phone on Tuesday and agreed to meet in the near future, in an attempt to improve relations between Moscow and London.
Putin is scheduled to attend the May upcoming Group of Twenty summit in China early next month in an opportunity to meet for the first time since May took over as prime minister in July.
The strained relations between Russia and Britain , because of disagreements over Ukraine and Syria, as well as London says it is a sharp increase in the sorties carried out by the Russian long - range bombers near British airspace.
The Kremlin said Putin and May agreed to try to work to ensure that the two countries continue to intelligence agencies, as appropriate, and to improve air safety in reference to the Russian overflights.
The Kremlin said that Putin and May have both expressed a lack of satisfaction with the current state of the British Russian relations, noting that the phone call "came at the initiative of Britain", as quoted by "Reuters".
A spokeswoman for the May propositions is agreed that British and Russian citizens are facing common threats, and they agreed to cooperate on air navigation is a vital part of the international efforts to counter terrorism.
She continued , " We look forward to a meeting at the Group of Twenty summit in China next month."