For the first time .. US special forces in Libya

The newspaper "Washington Post", Tuesday, August 9 / August, soldiers from the US Special Forces provided for the first time directly supporting the Libyan troops fighting "Daash" in Sirte , a stronghold of the organization said.
The newspaper quoted US officials did not disclose their names, that American commandos operating from a joint operations center on the outskirts of Sirte, located about 450 km east of Tripoli, which is controlled by "Daash" Since June 2015 the coastal city.
She added that American soldiers are working in coordination with their British counterparts to determine the locations of air strikes and provide their partners Balalomat intelligence.
The paper also quoted officers loyal to the Libyan government and Western security officials, the US and British soldiers in uniform trout-proof vests were seen many times in Sirte.
For his part, the Pentagon did not comment on what is stated in the "Washington Post" of America, but it was announced earlier that the small American help make a difference in the context of intelligence operations in Libya. It was announced last week by launching military strikes on Sirte in response to the request of the Libyan government.
The United States began Monday carry out air strikes against the sites and mechanisms of the elements of "Daash" in Sirte at the request of the National Accord backed by the international community and the United Nations headed by Fayez OS government.
It is noteworthy that Italy had earlier announced that it would allow the United States to use its bases and airspace to launch strikes in Sirte, at a time when the Libyan parliament denounced the US strikes and make the armies of neighboring countries mobilize.
Furthermore, Chairman of the Chamber of emergency operations for the Air Force's operations "Almrsos architecture" Brigadier Mukhtar Fakroun announced that the number of raids carried out by US planes, Monday, against the "Daash" sites in Sirte reached 12 raid.
Fakroun pointed out that the strikes targeted Tmrkzac militant organization and their vehicles, and added that the planes also bombed a car bomb the road next to the compound of Sirte hotels for hospitality, were in the process of targeting "Alpinan Almrsos forces , " stressing the destruction and the killing of two members of the Daash they were traveling in one of those dark - skinned.
Fakroun said that among the targets bombed Tmrkzac other aviation regulation No. 1 residential neighborhood and condominium Sirte University and the Bank of unity and family park.
A spokesman for operations "Almrsos architecture , " Brigadier General Mohammad Algbar announced Saturday the end of preparations for the resolution of the final phase of the war on "Daash" in the city of Sirte, days of entering the United States for support in fighting the organization that controls the city since last June after.