Iran strongly condemns the resumption of the Saudi bombing of civilians in Yemen

Dan Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi, strongly, the resumption of the Saudi shelling of residential areas and civilian facilities in Yemen, which killed and wounded dozens of innocent civilians, calling on the United Nations and sellers of weapons to Riyadh to exert effective efforts to stop these attacks immediately.
He said Ghasemi, the failure of the international community and organizations Almichdqh human rights and the UN Security Council, about the brutal Saudi Arabia of crimes against the innocent people of Yemen, the Saudi regime Interestingly wars have encouraged the continuation of the destruction of infrastructure in this country , all the arrogance, and the killing of innocent people and the imposition of inhumane blockade against this oppressed people.
He called Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, the United Nations and the countries that provide the aggressor with weapons and equipment Saudi forces, to make active efforts for an immediate halt to the aggression and to take measures and actions affecting appropriate for the protection of civilians , particularly women and children.