Restart after Turkish barges stopped because of debts

Electricity distribution in the southern region Directorate announced that the three barges that Turkish province of Basra equipped with electric power by 350 megawatts re - run after hours to turn it off because of the accumulation of debt.
He said the directorate chief Mohamed Abdul Amir in an interview, said that " the three barges Turkish that feed the Basra at about 350 megawatts was operated and began the process of adding the energy produced to the network , which, after hours on stopped working due to the accumulation of debt , " noting that "the Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi intervention after stopping the barges and had contacts with the Turkish company which occur in the strongest terms for the re - run. "
In a related context, the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui said during a press conference that " the Council of Ministers approved the payment of part of the debt owed ​​by the Turkish company that owns the barges," adding that "Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari , who is in the province also contributed to solving the problem, as called Turkish Ambassador in Baghdad and asked him to restart the battleships. "