Egyptian authorities arrest Iranian television correspondent in Cairo

Channel said the Iranian Arabic-speaking world, the Egyptian security, turn off Samira Montazeri, reporter and news agency Iranian radio and Television in Cairo.
According to Al-Alam TV in Cairo, he followed the "free event", the spinning Montazeri, the daughter Samira Montazeri, said in a telephone interview that the Egyptian police arrested her mother in one of the streets of Cairo during the preparation of a report. She added that the police, quoted by her mother to the center for investigation, and pointed Iranian news agencies, that the reason for the arrest, is not to acquire a license to operate. It reports from Egypt, to take care of the Iranian interests office in Cairo, following the issue of Montazeri correspondence arrest, with the competent Egyptian authorities, where there are no Embassy of Iran in Egypt, since Iran launched Khalid Aslamboli name, the mastermind of the killing of Sadat, on the street in the capital, Tehran after days of his execution, which led Egypt to cut ties with Iran, and the expulsion of its ambassador in 1981.