Baltvasil..cefqh secret accelerate drop the charges against al-Jubouri, after the lifting of his immunity

Between lift the immunity of parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri and issue a decision his innocence more than two hours did not take. He stressed that the elimination of the charges made by the Minister of Defense of the Jabouri "inadequate." Having submitted a request to lift his immunity ahead of his appearance before the judiciary, which was released, it is expected that al-Jubouri back to the office again under the "deal" contract with its mass (Forces Union) versus changes lengthened the Governments of Anbar and Nineveh Mahsubtin the Islamic Party, according to some leaks.
He postponed the House of Representatives to vote on conviction to question the defense minister to next week, pending the completion of the judicial investigation, according to the word of the deputies. The leaked during the past two days, some websites a number of audio recordings, which seem to be part of the "evidence" presented by the Secretary of Defense to "eliminate" to support his position on the accusations, which sparked during his interrogation session. The recordings included the words "friendly" between the Speaker and the Secretary of Defense, in addition to a number of deputies, on various political topics. But observers saw that the recordings do not represent an affirmation or involvement with corruption, and the need to prove conclusive evidence beyond any doubt or interpretation. And announced a judicial authority, on Tuesday, the release of the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, for lack of evidence obtained against him, and decided to release him and the closure of the case against him. The judge said Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar, a spokesman for the judiciary, said that "judicial investigative panel in charge of the statements contained Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, the accusations that her face during interrogation session decided to release Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, for lack of evidence." The Jubouri had attended, yesterday, in front of the investigative panel in charge of investigating the reported charges in the words of Secretary of Defense, after less than two hours to lift the immunity of the President of the Parliament. Parliament voted at the beginning of the session yesterday to lift the parliamentary immunity of the President at his request. Jubouri and went directly to the judiciary, to issue a decision "innocence" at 2:30 pm. Parliament also voted to lift the immunity of MPs Mohammed Karbouli and architectural students. The three named in the charges and the defense minister. And his request to lift immunity, al-Jubouri told Parliament yesterday, said, "This move came a desire to complete the investigation of a host of accusations launched against him and a number of MPs .." The head of parliament, in a statement read after the lifting of his immunity, he would prove his innocence to the Iraqi people, stressing saying, "I will speak quite frankly ... I will unfold the facts soon and prove to everyone that we were memorize the secretariat, which swore in our parliament." The decline "powers" recently Union position, to replace al-Jubouri, another candidate for the bloc. He considered the beginning of a political source in the Sunni bloc, said that "changed the tone of Osama Najafi about the Speaker of Parliament behind a political deal." The source said, on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of information, that "the powers union agreed to support al-Jubouri, in exchange for the latter to raise support for the Board of Governors of Nineveh, Anbar, a prelude to change them." The governor of Anbar province belongs Suhaib narrator to "Islamic Party" Saleem al-Jubouri, who holds the post of Deputy Secretary-General. The narrator has recently returned to his post by a decision of the Administrative Court, despite the Anbar provincial council vote on his dismissal last month. On the other hand hinders three members of the Council of Nineveh province, belonging to the Islamic Party, out of 39 members, question the governor Nofal Akub, or his dismissal. He said the source, a senior deputy in the bloc coalition forces, said that "Najafi's recent remarks about leaving the dispute between al-Jubouri and to eliminate al-Obeidi, was part of the truce agreement between the parties." Recently, the coalition said the leader of united Osama Najafi, in an interview, he discussed is the speaker of parliament during a meeting attended last: "We have agreed to suspend the issue of the dismissal or resignation of al-Jubouri, waiting to be decided by the judiciary." Before that, he may be denied Najafi what happened during the interrogation of al-Obeidi, "a struggle within the Sunni component," adding that "struggle against corruption." Saleem al-Jubouri Osama Najafi and accused of being behind the accusations made by his defense minister during the questioning session. Furthermore MP from the Union of Forces Abdulrahman Alloizi that "the inadequacy of the charges against al-Jubouri weaken the position of Minister of Defense." Alloizi, stressed that all political blocs except Jnaj Najafi, who says that he and Deputy representative of only one, "against what he did Obeidi in parliament." He attributed the MP for Mosul defer action questioning the defense minister to "waiting to see what will result in the elimination of investigations, which may affect the convictions of Representatives." Alloizi and pointed out that "some political blocs are still caught under the influence of the street, who sympathized with the words of Secretary of Defense through the media Makinth." Aram gave Sheikh Mohammed, Deputy Speaker and Chairman of the meeting, two proposals for voting on the answers and Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi during his interrogation session. It was first suggested include "polling convinced or not convinced answers minister to withdraw confidence from him." While the other proposal stipulates that "to postpone the vote until the completion of investigations into the minister's allegations during questioning." In turn, reduced the value of the Attorney Alloizi audio recordings made by the al-Obeidi investigative committees to which a large part of it leak into websites. He stressed, "It's unusual sessions, the minister was comfortable in his words was nervous speakers with him in the recordings as corrupt, according to the accusations in the House of Representatives." Regarding the fate of the speaker of parliament after the dropping of the charges against him, Alloizi said that "impunity will return automatically to the speaker of parliament after gaining the judicial decision become final," stressing that "it does not need a vote of the House of Representatives." He MP from Mosul that "the MP could not appear before the judiciary and the codification of testimony without lifting the immunity vote during the work of the parliament, or the consent of the President of the Parliament during the legislative holidays." He said the "MP can stand in front of the court or any other investigative or complaining witness without the need to lift the immunity." On the other hand, she said MP Mohammad fact, a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, which heard the Jabouri twice, "The Integrity Commission does not interfere in the decisions of the judiciary, and that it respects the separation of powers." He said the fact that Mohammed, yesterday, that "the speed of issuing patent is speaker of parliament is due to estimates by the court, which considered the case," but he pointed out that "the victim recourse to justice. The latter decision could be indistinguishable from any party." It is likely the fact that "al-Obeidi may be submitted to the elimination of sound recordings themselves, some of which leak," denying that Akon's defense minister has introduced other evidence.