Documents .. A new scandal in the Iraqi parliamentary house heroes of her son and his cousin

Revealed the minutes of investigative, on September 21, 2015, the son of the high Nassif MP and the husband of his sister Nour, to "kidnap" a civilian because "Tchehrah" light and pictures of her on the social networking site Facebook, revealed the defendants' statements to make contact with each other to agree on going to Ahmed Sami , a "has published the pictures" wheel Land Cruiser set the inside of weapons and ammunition.
And remember lecturer investigative wrote Baghdad Operations Command, about the entire incident, where the story began after the second hour of the afternoon of September 21, as the parked car Land Cruiser next to the sale of electrical material in Alcardah area store, and he was traveling Sajjad Ali Khudair and Nusseibeh Mohannad Imad al-Din, and pitched them and asked Ahmed Sami, and was the one who answered them, so they asked him to climb with them and go to the elder of a clan, after they accused him of publishing pictures Noor, daughter of MP high Nassif. This novel, which came in most of the testimonies. Having ascended Ahmed them by car, and when they arrive for the control of a mosque or drums, where he was their direction for the Ataa, where he lives Sheikh, stopped by the control and arrested everyone, and confirmed that there is a case of kidnapping, Ahmed Sami by Sajjad and Muhannad (cousin). As shown the documents, there is a security several books published, and has to refer the accused Sajjad and Muhannad to Baghdad command / operations cell kidnappings, were asked to extend the period of incarceration, for reasons the investigation, has been released, after the waiver complainant Ahmed Sami them, were also seized weapons and ammunition Bjlthm Allandcros (Monica). One of the employees of the federal police in the control or pointed drums, he was notified that the wheel "Monica" is likely to pass control traveling people carried out the abduction of a person from the Karrada district, and drew "actually after a quarter of an hour and arrived at the wheel and was intending to cross the control has been inspected." He continued, "We found someone sitting between two people in the back seat, and has shown signs of the kidnapping, was not handcuffed or blindfolded, and there were a quarrel between people, and our intervention, Vagayna arrested them all, and was handed over to intelligence officers." Sajjad said the Muhannad, Nusseibeh (husband Nur) is contacted him and asked him to come with him to the site of the Karada Sami Ahmed, because he posted pictures of his wife on Facebook, and the he was "innocent of the charge" has nothing to do about it. Mohannad Ghazi, in between his testimony that he went to Ahmed, that you know the place through a friend named Akram al-Azzawi, because he "has published pictures my wife, and photos of family and month out," and noted that "when we got him we told him that his image in our possession and Kaomina tribal and asked him boarding with us and go to the Sheikh, Report after his family, but he was in the car verbal altercations occurred, which led to watch or control the drums so, then the claim that he kidnapped Ahmed. "