Parliamentary committee Regions: We intend to reduce the number of provincial seats

The number of visits: 46 Published on: 9/8/2016, 20:36 Published by: Messenger of Delphi

He assured the Committee of the Regions and provincial parliamentary member Ahmed Salal al-Badri said Tuesday his committee's intention to go to reduce the number of provincial seats.

Badri said, "We in the Committee of the Regions and the provinces pending the third amendment to the law of the prime minister after consultation with the governors and heads of councils."

He added, "Our feedback about the law of the provinces, which concerns local councils where we are we going to reduce the provincial seats and reduce the councils and district as the Commission have the idea to abolish the Council to maintain the Judicial Council and the provinces."

He continued saying, "We are with the reduction of the setting, as will be discussed this matter in the House of Representatives after taking the opinion of the political blocs now, the law is still in the Council of State and I hope they send it to the House of Representatives for the purpose of the amendment it."