Abbadi consultant: oil revenues as a whole not only clog 75% of payroll.


Detect economic adviser to Prime Minister Mohammad Saleh appearance, Tuesday, that oil revenues as a whole not only clog 75% of salary, with the Finance Ministry Undersecretary described Fazil Nabi Othman, the country's financial situation as "comfortable".

"Morning," Saleh told the official that the Government agreement with the International Monetary Fund stressed the priorities including social expenses such as health, education and protection network and displaced and ration card and salaries during the current financial year.

Saleh said that "Although oil revenues as a whole does not clog only 75 percent of salary, but the State internationally has moved to ensure that salary amounts, according to its Government and its plan took into consideration all possibilities including fluctuations that can drag oil prices lower and upper limit during the year and within the current budget.

For his part, assured the Finance Ministry Undersecretary Fadhil Nabi Othman also employees and retirees of secure paid form as "comfortable".

Othman said that "after Government moves and Ministry with Minister Hoshyar Zebari and doubling revenues from financial taxation and customs managed to strengthen the country's financial situation."