Jordan instructs to provide facilities for the granting of entry visas to Iraqis

2016/8/9 14:18

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Instructed Jordan, to provide facilities for the granting of entry visas to Iraqis.

According to the agency Jordan's Petra, the minister discussed the internal safety Hammad when he met in his office on Tuesday, Iraqi Ambassador in Amman Safiya al-Suhail, ways of strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries, especially in the security and policing areas and facilities accorded to the Iraqis to enter Jordan.

Mr. Hammad stressed Jordan's keenness to enhance bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the areas of security and the fight against terrorism and crime in its various forms, as well as the exchange of experiences, information and visits between them so as to achieve common interests.

He said the response to the phenomenon of terrorism and extremism that pose a threat to communities and states, is a national duty and historical responsibility require more cooperation and coordination among countries to eliminate terrorism and drain its resources.

And he asked the Iraqi ambassador during the meeting with more facilities in the granting of entry visas to Iraqis to Jordan for six months and for several trips, saluting instructed the Minister of Interior to provide all necessary facilities for it in accordance with legal procedures.