Masoudi: political blocs is determined to end the State Administration proxy file
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the Bloc parliamentary Saudi citizen Mohammed, said on Monday that the political blocs is determined to end the ministries and state institutions acting administration file.
He said al - Masoudi told {Euphrates News} Today, he "has always formed the Iraqi state and the elected people are represented by the House of Representatives , which in turn form the government , " adding that " the status prevailing in the government is that the run most of the ministries and state institutions by proxy , which caused a big problem in the performance of ministries. "
He added that" this problem has become ingrained within all the ingredients in the country and we hear in all the meetings and in the corridors where the problem poses and therefore, everyone decided to end the administration proxy for any of the ministries as well as independent bodies and the general directors and deputy ministers and others. "

it is the number of deputies have made a request to the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi in February to end the appointment by proxy.

the head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council Ammar al - Hakim said in more than one occasion the need for commitment and political commitments in the state - building and the completion of the State administration proxy file, indicating that the agency Government wrong approach.

several political parties and blocs have rejected the style of acting appointment of government institutions, demanding an end to the administration acting in all aspects of the state. Ended and