A Commission to make new investment in Basra map

: 2016/8/8 21:37

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

NIC, decided to form a Committee comprising representatives from experienced and competent in Basra and its conservative investment Commission Chairman and take it upon themselves to develop new investment map of Basra and showing great investment opportunities.

According to a statement by Basra Council received {Euphrates news} copy of it today it came during a meeting with Council President Franck morning Governor Al-Basra glorious Nasraoui NIC Chief Sami Al-araji in Baghdad. "

"Local government delegation stressed the need to speed up the transfer and implementation of FAO port project.

"The extensive dialogues between representatives of the Ministry of transport, representatives of the Ministry of oil and competing companies in the presence of representatives of the Executive and legislative branches of Basra under the auspices of the President of the national investment Commission addressed three investment formulas for this project," Noting that "the first version known as bot system via their own administration and the second version bbot is common management and a third version is the only management system".

He noted that "the meeting concluded to give competing companies two weeks to submit a detailed account of the subject so that the relevant authorities to study it in detail.

"On the sidelines of this meeting, a private meeting between the local Government of Basra the legislative and executive branches with the head of the national investment Commission.

The meeting discussed the fact investment in Basra highlighted problems and inconvenient things and the need for coordination between the two sides in order to resolve it. "

He noted that "things that are traded are the land transfer issue of investor investment project and indicate the actual completion percentage that require it to resolve legal shenanigans between investment and their bodies touch, his landlady and investors President instructed national investment decisions for these and other shenanigans, kmatmkhed about the meeting decided to establish a Committee composed of representatives of experienced and competent in the Town Hall and Council and Chairman of the Basra Investment Commission under the auspices of the President of the Council of the Governor of Basra province."

"This Committee will undertake new investment Basra map mode and display great investment opportunities, as well as revisiting alastthmarihalhalet opportunities for the purpose of preparing the transmission to discreet and business firms and qualified money".