Housing Fund distributes 8 billion dinars in loans to the beneficiaries in Diwaniya

Views 2 Date 08/08/2016 - 18:07

BAGHDAD / Economy News ...

It announced the housing fund in the Ministry of Construction and municipalities, for the distribution of eight billion dinars to 500 borrowers in Diwaniya of 42 billion dedicated to the province, noting that the CBI was allocated 850 billion dinars for distribution to the provinces, while maintaining the management promised that it contributes to moving the semi economic movement paralyzed in and provide liquidity in the markets. The Director-General of the Fund, Bahaa El Din Moustafa, said Diwaniyah management and distributed today 500 instrument worth eight billion dinars, the borrowers to maintain, pointing out that "the fund allocated for Diwaniya 42 billion dinars in the current 2016 to support them in light of the financial crisis being experienced."

Mustafa added that "the Iraqi Central Bank allocated to fund 850 billion dinars to be distributed as loans to beneficiaries in the provinces," noting that "the payments will be distributed successively on borrowers who have completed their own administrative and legal procedures."

For his part, the governor of Diwaniyah, Sami al-Hasnawi, the Fund's commitment to providing housing loans to citizens is a positive step, contributing to some extent by moving semi-paralyzed economic activity in the province, and providing liquidity in the markets. "

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