Najiba Najib: Rising Iranian exports to Iraq proves the failure of successive governments in the economic file management

August 8, 2016 18:00

Author: alzawraapaper

BAGHDAD / nina:
Izzat member MP Najiba Najib Economic Committee height Iran 's non - oil exports to Iraq to the failure of governments, past and present, in the economic profile of the country 's administration, saying that the Iranian goods invaded the Iraqi market as a result of the absence of the local product , which he can not compete with imported goods.

She said Najib in a statement to the national Iraqi news Agency / NINA / that "Iraq is a friend to all neighboring countries, and more goods today is from Iran, as a result of the failure of governments in the economic profile of the administration, and by the last war against Daash and lower oil revenues, noting that Iraq 's budget after 2003 limit today rely on oil revenue by 95% and 5% of the taxes, fees and customs. "

She noted that" the economy and investment parliamentary committee has developed since the beginning of its work plans and recommendations and proposals for the development and revive the neglected sectors of the economy 's non - oil, and one of our small industrial, agricultural and real estate loans results and a lot of proposals developed but the real will to no Wi move forward needs to be the will by the executive branch. "

confirmed a member of the economic Committee:" The fight against corruption the most important point to build a strong economy, and construction with the fight against corruption sponsor reviving economic non - oil sectors and leave the rentier economy . "

the Iranian ambassador to Iraq , Hassan fled Danaii announced Saturday by the rise in non - oil exports of Iran to the size of Iraq by 23 per cent, so Iran is the third economic partner of Iraq after Turkey and China.