Talabani put three conditions for separation from Baghdad.

2016-08-08 18:57:05

Baghdad/sky press:

Put the Democratic Union led by former Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, three conditions for a referendum to secede from Iraq, stressed not to monopolize power by a family.

A source close to the party said in a statement for "sky", "Barzani told Talabani that with independence, provided that is not the monopoly of power by his family.

He added that Talabani's Party put three conditions for the referendum, "Noting that" the first requirement to include the referendum all cities of Kirkuk and Khanaqin Kurdish and to Sinjar, also stipulated that the referendum for independence, not trade or pressure on Baghdad. "+

"The third condition ensures secure trading power in the State to be formed in Kurdistan and end the monopoly of power by Barzani family.

The Barzani family ruled over all positions in the territory's sovereign and economic resources, as well as Massoud Barzani refused to leave the Presidency of the territory after the end of his term since August 2014, sparking a political uproar in Kurdistan.