The Central Bank's new policy to communicate with banks and financial companies

2016/8/8 13:23

{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

Central Bank announced its adoption {open door policy} for communicating with successful private banks, money transfer companies, as well as the companies broker buying and selling foreign currencies.

The Bank said in a statement received {Euphrates news} copy of it, "the Bank adopted an open door policy to communicate with you and listen to your feedback and your business and obstacles that you encounter, in the belief that direct communication and interactive relationship that would overcome the difficulties and eliminate the phenomena of bureaucracy and preventing exploitation and nepotism, and helps build decent banking and financial sector," referring to successful private banks, money transfer companies, as well as the companies broker buying and selling foreign currencies.

He noted that "in addition to the currently available means of communication with the departments and the Bank, we have dedicated e-mail {} and the Governor will receive straight up on this e-mail, you can send your remarks or suggestions or your complaints or request interviews Governor on this e-mail taking to be all under laws and regulations and instructions," he explained, "when there is a reluctance or lack of response from the concerned authorities in the Bank, taking into account that the corresponding request is described in request for initialization to answer relevant formations At the Central Bank.

He added that "mediate when characters or entities either directly or indirectly is unacceptable, and calls us to doubt and taking a cautious as long as our doors are open to listening to your calls and your order", noting that "we will reject and ignore any request or address not listed among the official and only God living in Central Bank imports."

He noted that "some claims he was blackmailed by staff for consistent treatment in the Central Bank and is often driven by inducing others to undertake mediation and intervene, is very dangerous if it is incorrect as it is in what we learn from the instances {sanity}, vocational and national duty to notify the Bank immediately in order to combat any negative phenomenon is not conducive to a sound and fair environment and will put these positions Tamer whistleblower in the integrity and honesty and diligence."

The Bank noted that "some who apply their decisions and actions the Central Bank use sites or media continue to Kiel accusations and defamation of officials responsible for the conduct or transaction monitoring and investigation as offensive to the Central Bank and is a conflict with the slightest decency and professionalism, objectivity and not befitting of the banking and financial sector, which settled in most of the world's best practices and highest professional, social and ethical responsibility."

"Such practices would jeopardize his legal responsibility for practitioners as well as it does not help in building a relationship of respect about the practice.

And that "all decisions and directions that reach you through committees and mechanisms and channels and adopted after being reviewed on the basis of laws and regulations, so download any specific employee responsible for making such decisions is far from happenings and taken over.