Representative ages the country lacks alamrainh charts

08/08/2016 13:32

Economy News/Special Parliamentary Commission on reconstruction services that the country didn't see an obvious scheme urbanism BA fits the evolution and the heritage and culture of Iraq.

The Chairman said Nazim Al Saadi in the interview for "economy", that the landscape achieved through economic recovery and attract businesses and investment and budget as the economic crisis and the many problems they miss the scenery. "

"In previous years did not put a clear outline of construction and building new facilities, and now only offer minimal services to citizens, especially in Baghdad, such as installing sewers and configured for next season," he said, adding that "the Secretariat relied on the amounts levied for walks things significantly, since the Secretariat did not have provisions to complete projects or create new and urban development".

Saidi stressed that the services are not required level ", but" but there efforts but the last backlog darken in the current scene standing in front of a big economic crisis as well as security problems, this set of integrated urban scene absence reasons. " Saadi said that the services one of the tributaries of the integrated mode, but we have not seen this revival since 2003 till now, "adding that" we need to allocate funds in a scientific manner thoughtful to upgrade all sectors