The financial recover Stock Exchange to launch mutual funds


Assures Iraq market for securities, on Sunday, seeking to develop instructions for attracting national and foreign savings towards investment and add new financial instruments for trading in cooperation with the Central Bank, called an expert to give priority to economic development investment funds, returned a "viable solution" for the funding problems experienced by Iraq and providing more jobs.

Executive Director of the Iraq market for securities, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, reporters followed underground news agency that "the Iraqi Central Bank in the market to prepare for the launch of mutual funds", noting that "the Committee formed by the market to prepare draft instructions permit mutual fund held its first meeting in (July 17, 2016), and continues with her work.

Abdel Salam, said that "the Commission, which includes representatives from the Iraqi Central Bank and securities and Iraq market for securities companies registration service, based on its experience in organizing those Arabic financial market regulations to attract foreign and national savings towards investment in stock list, add new financial instruments in circulation."

And the number of meetings and numbers of shares traded during the month of July, the market's Executive Director, said that "Iraq market for securities in July 14 trading session, six meetings not organized in the same month due to Eid holidays and public holidays.

Abdel Salam added that "the number of companies traded for shares in the market (58), while the number of shares traded (131.927) billion shares, with rises 33% compared to the month of June", stating that "value traded (39.562) billion dinars with a rise of 23% compared to June."

The market index was closed at the end of July 2016 (568.770) high point (5%) Relative to close the month of June (539.47) point ", stating that" the market during the month, high log in session 28/7/2016 when locked (568.77) low point when locked (538.210) point in a session 12/7/2016 ".

Abdul Salam was drawn to "the market value of listed shares in the market have increased by 2% compared to June."

And the market manager, said the number of shares purchased for non-Iraqis (22.041) billion shares carried through (647) purchase deal worth (9.556) billion dinars from trading in shares (24) Corporation listed, either shares sold amounted to non-Iraqis (789.967) million shares executed through (325) sale, worth (731.497) million of shares (7) companies listed.