Secretariat of the Council of Ministers: Most of the bodies Daash cemetery on the island of Khalidiya of Asian nationalities

General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced the presence of more than 100 bodies in a mass grave recently found elements Daash in Khalidiya Island.
A statement by the Secretariat, that a specialized team of forensic medicine department at the Health Ministry, the Chamber of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers operations, the Iraqi Media Network, in coordination with the Joint Special Operations Command, and the leadership of western Baghdad Operations Command fourteen band, went to Almlahmh area on the island of Khalidiya, to detect the cemetery , which was announced discovered earlier, and was found competent for the team that the cemetery has more than 100 bodies to the elements Daash terrorist gangs, have been buried , most of them while editing the island 's operations recently, before entering the security forces to it, and also includes a number of dead Daash in previous battles .
She added that the specialists in forensic medicine department pointed out that the date of the burial ranges from two weeks to two months , according to preliminary estimates, and that most of the bodies back to the elements Daash of Asian nationalities.