Washington hails Kurdistan region important in the war against "Daash"

America praised the role of the Kurdistan Region "important" in addressing the organization and its role Daash also contain the refugee crisis in Iraq.
A statement by the US embassy in Baghdad, "between the fourth and the sixth of August, visited the US ambassador to Iraq Stuart Jones Kurdistan region of Iraq, where he met with the President of Kurdistan Region , Massoud Barzani and other senior government and security officials of the Kurds."
In his meeting with President Barzani, he praised Ambassador Jones Bdorakulaim Kurdistan is important in the war against Daash, as well as the tremendous support of the Iraqi Kurds of internally displaced persons and who are currently in the region. According to the embassy statement.
During his visit, he visited the ambassador, accompanied by Consul General in Erbil , Ken Gross, to Sulaymaniyah for meetings with senior political leaders, including political bureau member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Hero Ibrahim Ahmed, the head of the agency information (Zaanyare) Lahore Talabani, the head of the Movement for Change Nushirwan Mustafa, the deputy and the deputy leader of the Patriotic Union of Rasool.
The statement added that the ambassador discussed the ongoing political reconciliation and the fight against Daash and thanked everyone for their friendship and support he received them during his time in Iraq