Tehran responded to the UN Declaration on executions

Tehran expressed its regret for the issuance of a statement by the UN Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al-Hussein on August 5 / August on "the execution of a number of terrorists in Iran."
The Secretary of the Commission on Human Rights in Iran, Mohammad Javad Larijani, in a letter to the High Commissioner in response to a recent statement that the phenomenon of terrorism ominous that received the support of some foreign governments is considered a serious breach of the rights of private basic Iranians the right to life and to live in peace and security. Larijani pointed to the assassination of five Iranian nuclear scientists and the killing of more than 17 thousand Iranian hands on "Faction terrorist hypocrites" over the past years, saying that he "Nevertheless, this bunch is moving freely in some western countries so far, which indicates the presence of standards double over the issue of terrorism. " He said that the attacks against the Iranian border guards and a number of Iranian cultural and diplomatic centers in Beirut and Peshawar during 2013 and 2014 and the kidnapping and killing of a number of border guards, diplomats and innocent citizens. Larijani stressed that Iran, as a victim of terrorism will spare no effort in providing security for its citizens in the fight against terrorism within its borders and beyond, adding that the data version of the High Commissioner as a statement not in tune with any international document to support human rights and does not contribute in the fight against terrorism but also sends the wrong signal to terrorists. He stressed that the international community did not accept the commitment to abolish the death penalty as a liability difficult or known and there is no consensus in this area, adding that the death penalty is not a human rights issue, but an issue of the judicial system should be evaluated in the context of the rights of victims.