Natural resources next to our choice of multiple revenue

8/8/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi

under the financial conditions experienced by Iraq, the diversification of natural resources economy represents a convenient option at this stage being a need to maximize the financial returns of its resources in non - oil through the development of mineral ores economy because it possesses a variety of metals that need a plan to rebuild exploited properly, especially within the uses and industries medicine, agriculture and other economic fields.

She called researcher state fair in an interview for the "morning" the concerned authorities to seek to learn proven diverse materials owned by the country to employ them in the economic development of the country 's reserves.

and showed the importance of access to the figures represents the amount of real reserves of all important minerals in the country and that it is necessary to take a role in the economy, especially that it is helping to diversify the revenue to balance the country.

"experts believe that the diversification of natural resources , the economy is a convenient option at this stage and in the long term as affirm the need to exploit optimally attract investors and maximize returns, as in the major countries economy adopted natural resources and achieved a viable economy. "

She pointed to the urgency of establishing a special strategy aims to invest in raw minerals tours licenses, especially after the stability of the situation in areas under the control of " Daash "terrorist where these minerals are located to reap the benefits . economic it is recycled and purified to be converted into supplementary materials involved in a number of diverse industries.

the former oil minister Ibrahim Bahr al- Ulum has called for in an earlier statement (morning): metals investment and the rest of the other in Iraq 's natural resources.

he stressed that what Iraq needs today is that there will be a purposeful movement to invest in metals in Iraq being the responsibility of the Ministry of Industry in terms of management of phosphate and sulfur, pointing out that the country has plenty of minerals that give extras quality to its wealth of other Needing a mineral investment and must be initiated by the Ministry of Industry with authorities other government.