Commission Karrada read the recommendations tomorrow in front of the parliament and confirm: a large uncovered corruption in the Interior

Sunday 7 August 2016 | 19:06
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BAGHDAD / .. parliamentary committee formed to investigate the bombing of Karrada, confirmed Sunday that it has completed the investigation of the bombing and its recommendations will be discussed tomorrow at the Commission on Security and Defense, and then read the recommendations before the House of Representatives.

Committee Chairman Iskandar and berries for "Eye of Iraq News," that he "can not declare now the recommendations revealed by authorities shortened only after reading the recommendations in the parliament," noting that "the members of the investigative committee have the expertise, and revealed important issues will be announced later the House vote on the recommendations of the investigative committee. "

And between Tut "The investigation revealed Karrada bombing of a large and serious corruption in the Interior Ministry," adding that "this investigation is different from previous and will be held accountable on every side are delinquent in their work regardless of the current position or the past."

And it saw the Karrada area inside, in the center of Baghdad, the third of July 2016, a suicide car bomb driven by a suicide Class deadliest of its kind since 2003, which claimed the lives of hundreds of victims of a martyr or wounded and material damage behind Kberh.anthy 5