The opening of the national card project in the conditions of Dohuk circle
[Where - Baghdad]
interior ministry said on Sunday, the opening of the national card project in the conditions of Dohuk circle.
According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of which was "national card project opening in the conditions of Dohuk circle was attended by the governor of Dohuk Farhad Alaterci and general manager of the nationality of the province , Major General Dler and director of the national card Affairs Brigadier jurist Nashat al - Khafaji , and a number of Sexual officers province and the director of the Dohuk police . "
and praised the governor of Dohuk in his speech on the efforts of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the General Directorate of Nationality in continuous cooperation with the circles region and with all the provinces, especially in the deployment of the prospects of such a large project in the midst of the challenges faced by the country.
for his part , he praised the national card Director Brigadier originated Khafaji Addressing the role of administrative and financial agent Interior Ministry for his care and direct supervision on the project and the need to speed up the opening of the circuits in the whole of Iraq, is certain that " the men of general sexual Directorate are determined to go to succeed in the project and its development and activation in circles anyway.
the statement noted that" already the opening ceremony archive records civil Status and installation of telecommunication equipment and the system of national card by the G Corporation & D and the General Company for Post & telecommunications / the sky , Inc. In addition to the presence of specialists from the card project of the Technical support and operations section , which has trained staff on the activities of the system. "
He also" was the first national card handed over to The father of the martyr Ahmed Mohammed Saleh, and across people of Dohuk their gratitude for its Ministry of Interior of the great services to the citizens. "