Powers: suspend the resignation or dismissal of al-Jubouri, until the safety of his position Elimination
[Oan- Baghdad]
decided alliance of Iraqi forces, suspension of the resignation or dismissal of the leadership of House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, a bit while his decision to eliminate the corruption charges against him from the Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi is currently investigated by the Integrity Commission.
According to a statement issued by the coalition forces received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "at the headquarters of Osama Najafi , head of Muttahidoon, presided over the last important meeting on Saturday was attended by [coalition leaders] both, Saleh al - Mutlaq, and Saleem al - Jubouri, and Mahmoud al - Mashhadani, and Iyad Samarrai, and Qasim al - Fahdawi, Ahmed Abu Risha, to discuss developments in the political arena, and the battles against terrorism to liberate Iraqi land. "
discussed the meeting according to the statement , " the relationship with other political blocs, and to discuss the internal issues of the alliance of Iraqi forces and the crisis that took place in the House of Representatives after the questioning of the Minister of defense . "
the statement noted that" after an in- depth and thorough discussion of these themes, masters candor and confirmed the desire to address the problems through a comprehensive national vision, have been taken among the decisions and recommendations. "
he explained that among the recommendations , " the follow - up of judicial decisions about the Speaker of the Parliament building on the grill session Minister of Defence, with a call to the judiciary to resolve matters before it with professionalism and fairness , and after any effects. "
he noted , " the theme of the dismissal or resignation of the President of the House of Representatives it hung until the issuance of the judiciary to its decisions about the safety of his position or not, and then will have combined their decisions in this regard. "
as the meeting recommended " to dissolve lingering in the provinces of Anbar and Nineveh issues, and work on the formation of the Council take the lead in the six provinces, and the preparation of an internal system for this board."