Road transport earnings rise to 742 million dinars in July

2016/8/7 18:07

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} the Transport Ministry announced that profits of the General company for land transport for last month reached 742 million, up by 300%.

Transport Minister Abdul Hussein abtan Agency in the statement {Euphrates news} CC "this progress in profits reflects the extent of the efforts made by the staff of the company preferred to proceed to upgrade the reality of work and company access to advanced level despite the difficult economic conditions affecting the country as a whole."

Said General Manager Abdul-Amir almhamdaoi statement "due to follow and transport minister Abdel Hussein abtan guidance amounted to company profits exponentially compared to the first months of the year 2016.

The company said its earnings report for the month of June was 268,744,384 dinars, while profits rose in July to 742,000,000 dinars.

He noted that "road transport company on the date of signing the contract the biggest in its history during that week where these figures are expected to rise more and more".