Ground transportation sign "bigger" holding since its foundation with the Sulaymaniyah cement


The General company for land transport, Ministry of transport, on Saturday, they will sign later this week "bigger" holding since its foundation.

He said the company's General Manager Abdul-Amir almhamdaoi, "next Monday the company will sign the biggest contract of carriage since its foundation for cement from Sulaymaniyah to provinces of Iraq."

He added that "the contract will provide great opportunities for long periods reflected positively on the reality of the company and the employees."

"The efforts made today to follow Minister Abdel Hussein abtan maximizing financial company imports and look for additional employment for the company after increasing its fleet specialist in the field of road transport and the vital economic openness."

Almhamdaoi noted that "early next week will mark the annual dividend for 2015", stating that the company had completed all financial procedures around those Ministerial approvals and distribute those profits to employees of the company. "