Placeholder for formal approvals through citizen open a border port with Iran in Northern Basra.

2016/8/7 13:48

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} could block mp citizen in Basra get official approvals shawky sound starts from the Presidency and ended with the Iranian Consul; to open border port with Iran north of Basra.

Shawki said in a statement, the Agency has received {Euphrates news} a freak of it today, "communications and reviews that lasted for a whole year we managed to get the approval of Prime Minister and Ministry of finance, Interior and commerce in coordination with the Governor of Basra Majid Nasraoui and with Iranian Consul open border port with the Islamic Republic of Iran in the monastery North of Basra.

"This approval came to promote trade, tourism and other dating feasibility of Basra."

Recall that sound mp Shawqi field visits last year to the monastery and Government services for the purpose of discussing the possibility of opening the border and port after he found that every avenue available went to visit the Iranian Consul, has obtained approval from the Iranian side then and since then started to address and review the relevant ministries and the Prime Minister and Cabinet of Basra that managed to obtain approval.