Integrity diagnose constraints not to activate the industry for product protection and legal customs tariff

2016-08-07 12:10

Baghdad the balance of news

Integrity is revealed, Sunday, for most companies, the Ministry of industry and minerals to problems and foul, because activating the legal industry to protect the product and tariff structure.

Body through its report sent to the Office of the Minister of industry and minerals, according to a news statement/balance, that "most of the companies problems and foul due to complete legal procedures for integrating those companies", noting that "the General company for the design and implementation of projects as well as six government reform plan result after the merger of three previous companies suffer from failure to complete legal procedures for integration".

She added that "the absence of final accounts certified by the Office of financial supervision for producers, which merge decision to devolve rights and obligations belonging to the three companies into the parent company" banner that someone other obstacles encountered report parent company after the merger decision, such as a lack of unity of purpose and jurisdiction with differing goals of the merging firms, pointing to look not to refer draft ACSD Ministry studies and designs into this company, although owning excellence resulting in weakness The company's revenue.

She noted that "the suffering of the General company for leather and textile industries, as well as six of the previous seven companies merge, not to apply the legal protection of the domestic product and tariff structure, our company a few complains that indicated support for buying their products centrally by the ministries concerned, and not to transfer modern technology to their factories; in order to reduce production costs and raise product quality; so he can compete against the importer.

"Problems of transfer of ownership and the obligations the company laboratories distributed sparse between merge problems plaguing the company, as well as the lack of financial support from the State Treasury for new projects that can contribute to the development of local products and improve its quality.

It showed that "the report highlighted the problems introduced production lines and some disappearing and high cost of production, because of the use of diesel generators in General company for food industries was founded by merging four previous companies, and the problem of legal protection of local product activation and alkmarki tariff for appearing to be among the problems facing the company, as well as the company's complaint of inadequate investment environment and complexities are exothermic foreign investment."

"The proposed General company for electrical and electronic industries was founded by merging two previous companies determine the cost of the production lines provided by the investor (real value) within the participating contract because they earned at the end of the Decade, and calculate the proportions of the demise of those production lines provided by the contractor; the fact that the profit achieved was by those lines that can consume and explode and be like" scrap "at the end of the contract to the detriment of the company."

And noted "that the report urged the company to complete the production and maintenance of distribution transformers with Turkish company; impact of electrical system support".

She explained that "the report also referred to the importance of reviewing contract company contract with one company eligibility for manufacture and Assembly Mall diesel equipment, noting that the commitment of the second party" civil "company for processing machinery and equipment be after 15 years to provide the feasibility of participation every five years", stressing that "the investment period in this decade were long relative to the interest generated to the company, specifying the need for government institutions and companies pay the debts of the company; in order to help them implement development programmes".

She concluded that "there's foul work caused not to finalize their integration and legal protection of the local product is not applied and the tariff structure, some mobile teams report containing what did these teams through inspection visits successive secret chambers and companies affiliated to the Ministry, the company monitored Pat and obstacles, as well as diagnosing the level of services provided to citizens.