7 dead in Ethiopia demonstrations against the government

7 people at least were killed in Ethiopia Saturday, August 6 / August during clashes between anti-government protesters and police after protests in the capital , Addis Ababa , for the first time.
Local sources reported that the wave of protests that swept the country recently launched by two of the major ethnic groups in the country, the two sets of the Oromo and the Amhara ( the largest ethnic groups in the country and together account for 80% of Ethiopia 's population).
According to these demonstrations to a growing resentment among the two groups of marginalization in favor of the Tigray group accused of acquiring government and military positions task.
Witnesses to media sources reported that seven protesters killed at least Nimicta and Olega west of the country , an area predominantly ethnic Oromo, as dozens of people were arrested in the capital, and some were beaten in the first demonstration against the government in the Ethiopian capital since the beginning of the wave of protests.
Gathered about 500 demonstrators Saturday, August 6 / August in the main Meskel Square in the capital, at the invitation of the opposition group representing the Oromo National Home in the country, chanting slogans including "We want freedom" and "Release our prisoners politicians."
Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn announced Friday, August 5 / August banning demonstrations "that threaten the unity of the country", and allowed police to use all necessary means to prevent it .
And mobilized the largest demonstration in recent weeks , tens of thousands of people in July 31 in the northern Gondar.