MP Al - Tamimi's "Economy News" are studying the launch of a new law to government banks

Views 47 Date 06/08/2016 - 23:01

Economy News / special

He revealed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al - Tamimi , the Committee for considering a new law to regulate the work of government banks, stressing that the law will complement the old law.

Tamimi said in an interview for "Economy News," that there is a special law the government banks, and that this law is under study and discussion in the Finance Committee .

Tamimi said, "This law will complement the previous laws on banks, and will have a uniform law of this law ".

Tamimi added that " the Committee began the first reading of the law until now has not been completed, being composed of 22 illegal substance was writing several observations around ".

Tamimi he noted that it has been demand from banks to provide their comments on the law , "indicating that" the Commission is working on a new version out by law and legal texts serve the banking group for the citizen and the government ".


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