Jubouri surprised by the failure to extend the travel ban Obeidi describes resign to "escape"

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The President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, Saturday, surprised at the lack of inclusion of Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi's decision to prevent travel out of the country, noting that al-Obeidi, "will not survive" from the legal account in the event of proven what he said in his interrogation last Monday's meeting, in what it described his resignation the position of the Speaker of parliament at the moment to "escape."

Jubouri said in a televised interview that "the interrogation is not the Iraqi army, which offers sacrifices and achieve victories," noting that "even Ntmm victory must be held accountable spoilers in the Ministry of Defense."

He pointed out that "the defense minister took advantage of his presence and the platform within the framework of the questioner and gave words and words spurred many of the House of Representatives need to reveal what is there," adding that "according to the law, if the al-Obeidi was able to prove what he said it, it will not escape from the account, and if it does not it will not be able to escape punishment from the legal and judicial penalty. "

And went Jubouri, saying, "invoked to eliminate, two days before I forwarded approximately 13 files to the judicial authority and the Integrity Commission concerning the behavior of corruption and fraud taking place through the actions carried out by the minister, including a document containing the signature of people came to the security and defense committee said that we handed over these amounts to the Secretary of Defense , and the testimony of members of the Committee on Security and defense. "

He said al-Jubouri, the "secret question the Minister first defense no longer session, because what has been raised in the first session was provoked in the second session, and that the concept of confidentiality raised by a House of Representatives as security, military and field envelope and even things as possible to benefit Almitrbeson does not go out."

The President of the House of Representatives was surprised at "the failure to extend the defense minister to prevent travel," following up by saying, "it should have Obeidi includes prevention because the interrogation files do not keep him out of responsibility, and I will have a claim to withdraw his hand from the ministry because he used his influence in the ministry in order to correct some of the issues raised in this regard. "

And on his resignation from the post of Chairman of the Board of Representatives, Jubouri said, "The resignation of the current situation in the escape, and I'm not in my nature to escape," stressing "his ability to bring the possibilities of the House of Representatives and the correct path."