Opening of the missile system {bantsir} and the air defense artillery soon at Imam Ali Airport {p}

2016/8/6 15:29

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}, the Defence Ministry said Saturday, near the opening of missile system {bantsir} and air defense artillery in Imam Ali Airport {p}.

The Defense Ministry statement said the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today "the Commander of the air defense team d c corner {Jabar Abid Kazim} elected areas explored open air defence based on pre strategy applied to form phases to cover all areas of the beloved Iraq, according to the importance of the vital objectives."

"I was with the air defense command Chief Commander and a number of Directors and officers command and corner were met the Imam Ali Base Commander {p} in Nasiriyah and definitive order RapidShare southern region and categorical corner and a number of officers the officers base pilots that poll was completely Dhi and the focus was on ensuring full protection of Imam Ali Airport {p} in Nasiriyah since this area of the country where the importance of strengthening leadership strategy covered by existing protection of air defence weapons, and soon you'll Bantsir missile system is open and air defense artillery to confine air spaces to keep weapons and by an arc of fire for each weapon and radar detection systems are evolving that you own.

He noted that "upon the poll was held to determine where the openness of each piece by plotting a map of where the field visit included found administrative and logistics and combat aspects of the headquarters and air defense cutter units in the southern region southern air defense operations center and also explore the location of the third air defence cutter {former army}".