Internal resolution welcomes strong referral banners to jus and retire as "brave."

2016-08-06 at 13:49

Baghdad scales news

National power Union welcomed Saturday the decision issued by the Ministry of the Interior on the referral banners to jus and retire, in describing the decision as "courageous" and "true" to allow the new officers.

Fair Union said Thursday in a statement received s/scales news/copy, "welcome the resolution issued by the Ministry of the Interior referred a group of officers at the level of a General's rank to jus and retirement", calling it "brave and correct" procedure.

S said that "this decision allows for new officers, have integrity and high efficiency, adding new dynamic energy, to reduce high crime rate, and repeated security breaches, especially in the capital, such as Karrada that killed tragedy over 250 Shahid, Baghdad international airport, shelling and other incidents.

Anbar Deputy demanded, the Prime Minister and the relevant authorities "need to abide by the Constitution, especially with regard to the principle of balance in State institutions, because Iraq security valve and ensure peaceful coexistence.

He called the Interior Ministry to "draw on the expertise of the former Iraqi army, regarding advice, take advantage of previous experience.

S stressed the need to "accelerate the dossier chose Interior Minister enjoys high qualities of experience and discipline, to be competent internal security forces officers, to be the right man in the right place, in order to adjust the security and stability of all the provinces of Iraq.