Iraq presiding over the first meeting in the Arabic League to update the Convention against terrorism

2016-08-06 at 13:46

Baghdad the balance of news

Iraq first Arab meeting chaired in Arabic in Cairo League update Arabic Convention for combating terrorism.

And today the work of the first meeting of the Joint Committee of experts and representatives of the ministries of Justice and Interior in Arabic countries to update a Convention against terrorism and Arabic Arabic Arab law strategy pilot, headed by Iraq, represented by khsabak cream Vice President of the State Council, Ministry of Justice.

The aim of this meeting is to be held over two days to study the relevant legislation against terrorism and the Arab model law against terrorism and the Convention Arabic and Arabic strategy to combat terrorism.

And involved representatives of the ministries of Justice, Interior and related security agencies to fight terrorism to put their visions and their feedback on current legislation and the need for amendments which modern to fit the required efforts to combat terrorism as a result of the breadth and salary increases, which in turn requires legislation to ensure the scope of criminalization in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions and other international legislation.

This meeting comes in implementation of the decision of the Executive Office of the Arab Justice Ministers need to review existing legislation, because terrorism is evolving day by day and thus also requires developing current legislation and updated to enable to address him