The captured suspects in the Parliament in the middle of the month free. And Energy Commission confirms that the electricity crisis intractable (details)

06-08-2016 02:48 PM

House Energy Committee announced Saturday, hosting the electricity Minister Qasim captured suspects mid this month, promised that the electricity crisis is ' incurable ' result ' lack ' strategic plan to tackle since 2003 till now, with invited those interested to ' provide any clues on corruption ' in this file.

Energy Committee Chairman said Ares Abdullah in a press statement, that ' power crisis are intractable, stating that ' the Commission struggled for two years to determine the details of this file and try to find solutions to him '.

Abdullah said, that ' the Commission hosted the electricity Minister Qasim captured suspects, and advanced staffing of the Ministry, as well as having previously questioned the Minister, expressing regret that the Government has not been able to handle a crisis yet.

Energy Committee Chairman, said that ' the most important findings of the Commission concerning electricity file is having technical and economic and administrative problems, strayed into the lack of a strategic plan based on the Ministry of electricity since 2003 until now, calling on interested citizens and journalists to provide the Committee with evidence and documents which prove corruption by power file to move, especially being the host Minister of electricity in (14 August 2016) '.