Basra threatens to cut oil companies


Local government in Basra, reported Friday 5 August 2016, she "didn't receive funds social benefits of oil licenses companies, threatened to prevent the progress of vehicles belonging to that" if companies refused to hand over money to the province. "

Said the Basra Franck morning learner reporters underground news agency that "the Ministry of oil breached its agreement with local Government to transfer funds to maintain social benefits to carry out service projects in areas affected by oil operations," adding that "oil licenses companies were involved in the implementation of the service projects of social benefits customizations, but never implemented according to priorities, gave part of the money as donations or support of humanitarian organizations, although Basra need those funds under The financial crisis ".

Franck has called for an investigation into this matter, "oil Ministry accounting and foreign oil companies to implement projects for this year although near completion."

The Basra Governor, Majid authorities, warned at a press conference held Thursday to prevent vehicle of oil licenses companies on the streets of Basra if converted to local government social benefits customizations.

It is said that "oil licensing companies are obliged to allocate $ 5 million dollars a year for every oilfield to implement service projects in areas affected by oil operations in accordance with the contract between the companies and the Federal Government.