Basra. UN mission to intervene in clan disputes


Director of the United Nations Office in southern Iraq Kamal Rajab naverdam, amsalgmah 5 August 2016, the readiness of the United Nations to provide support to contribute to resolving disputes clan in Basra.

Naverdam said in a statement shavitabath brathaan news agency "UN mission will provide technical support and to participate in tackling problems that occur between Visual clans", adding that "the United Nations human rights office would provide support as on the human right to life, especially as the violence that is happening in Basra threatens the lives of citizens."

Committee Chairman said clan conflict resolution in Basra, Sheikh almhamdaoi expresses that "the Commission has made a partnership with the United Nations representatives of civil and social peace in the province, with security agencies and the local Government has called for more efforts to push for" zero out these disputes our right to the blood of the people of Basra. "

The Basra recently seen an increase in armed clan disputes corresponding unpopularity because of recurrence of this phenomenon.