Kurdistan: "bomb" Obeidi crash complete cabin Ministerial Abadi

2016-08-06 at 12:58

Special balance news

The Kurdistan Alliance, said Saturday, the preoccupation of the Government and Parliament questioning Defence Minister Khaled Obeidi affect the performance of both of them, calling to expedite the provision of Cabinet to fill portfolios.

The coalition said Majid shankali, the balance/news/, that "the Government should expedite the provision of Cabinet, to fill the vacant portfolios".

He added that "the survival of those ministries job inevitably affect the performance of the Government, especially in light of the current situation in Iraq and the suffering of the displaced people from lack of services".

He continued, "the Government should take care to provide the names of the cabin to the House for ministerial approval, and need to be experienced and efficient", calling on Congress to "stand a serious shakeup dossier, and not worry about questioning the Secretary of Defense and not to take this case over their range.

Shankali stressed that "the new President hunks of the House".