Parliament's decision: I don't mind the legal and constitutional future meetings management Al-Juburi

2016/8/6 12:46

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

House decision denied Deputy Imad yokhna Saturday having any proper management of legal and constitutional Jabouri to future meetings of the Council.

The rapporteur mentioned a brief press statement received {Euphrates news} copy of it today, "I don't mind sound prevents legal and constitutional Jabouri of future Board meetings management".
He explained that "there's no order arrived Board to impeach him.

He was Director of the information Office of the speaker of the House of Khaled Al-Nasser said a former permit DARPA {Euphrates news} that "the absence of the Chairman of the Parliament session would be limited only to meetings involving questioning of Defense Secretary Khaled Obeidi either regular meetings regarding the laws pertaining to the citizen will run Juburi naturally meeting."

The House began questioning Defence Minister Khaled Obeidi early this month, with the army accused House speaker and deputies Mohammed Al karboli, tightened and Hanan's PM and former mp Haider Mulla financial and administrative corruption, subsequently been Tehran, as it led to the premier version Haidar Abadi ordered the travel ban both named Defense Minister charges.