Putin announces the creation of a free trade zone between the Eurasian Union and Iran

Russian President Vladimir Putin, that the establishment of a free trade zone between the Eurasian Economic Union and Iran, could give a strong impetus to the development of trade and investment.
Putin said in an interview with The Azerbaijani news ahead of his visit to Baku , " a strong boost to trade Russian-Iranian contacts in the field of investment may be granted an opportunity to create a free trade zone between the Eurasian and Iran economic union ... joint research group began its work, and consider any potential deal details."
He pointed Putin that Moscow is interested in strengthening the partnership with Iran in regional affairs and that he sees it as " an important factor in maintaining stability and security on the vast tracts of lands of Central Asia, the Caspian region, even the Middle East , " he said , adding: "We will continue to support the desire of Iran to become a full member of the Shanghai cooperation Organization member for cooperation. "
It should be noted that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, comprising both from Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, and awarded the Organization observer status in its structure, to all of Mongolia, India, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and in September / September 2014, both Pakistan and India made ​​a formal request for on the official membership in the Shanghai cooperation Organization, Iran as well as the also aspiring for full membership in the organization, in both Sri Lanka and Armenia applied for status observer member of the organization, and remained all from Belarus, Turkey and Sri Lanka, are all participating countries within the organization as a (allies in the dialogue) in the international regional Organization.
He described the Russian president, Iran as a partner for a long time to Russia, noting that ease tension in Iran 's neighbors after the agreement on its nuclear program "will benefit the bilateral relations .. the Russian Federation intends to continue to build a trade and economic cooperation with Iran."
Putin pointed out that the volume of mutual trade between the two countries, increased during the five months of this year increased by 70% to $ 855 million.
The Russian president stressed that "Russia intends to give Iran two loans Aitmanyen government, worth 2.2 billion euros, to finance the construction of thermal power plant near Bandar Abbas city on the coast, and financing the electrification of railways (garmsar - Aenchi boron) north - east of the country."
In addition, the President of the Russian Federation, that his country would build Iran 's first nuclear power plant , "Bushehr", also plans to create an "eight nuclear reactors."
Putin said: "We will continue to assist the Iranian partners in the implementation of the action on the Iranian nuclear program plan, including the recycling of enriched uranium and shift to the ability to produce radioactive isotopes stable."
The Presidential Cabinet in Russia has announced that Putin will meet with his counterparts in Baku of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and Iranian Hassan Rowhani said , adding that the tripartite talks would focus on the pressing issues in regional and international politics, and the prospects for practical cooperation, especially in energy and transport sectors