Nasraoui oil calls for the participation of Basra in the committee for the selection of companies implementing oil projects

The local government called in Basra on Saturday, the Oil Ministry to allow them to participate in the committee to choose the companies that are contracted to carry out projects in the fields , which holds the development of foreign companies under the licensing rounds.
The governor said Majed Nasraoui in an interview, said that " the local government in Basra is committed to the right to participate in the committee responsible for identifying contractors who are hired for the implementation of projects in some of the fields located in the province , " noting that " the Council of Ministers has agreed to our request during its meeting held in Basra, also issued a former oil minister , d. Adel Abdul - Mahdi is so, but the ministry does not currently want to implementation. "
Nasraoui and pointed out that "our desire to share visual figures in the Commission stems from our commitment to post only regional suppliers of Basra in the implementation of some projects to enable them to run the citizens of the province to reduce the problem of unemployment," adding that "at least 80% of the companies you choose The Commission contracted companies are from outside of Basra, and in that prejudice the right of the province which should be most of the companies for which she is suffering a lot of damage left behind by oil projects. "
The governor pointed out that "transparency requires that Basra is involved in the selection of companies, and not to be limited to the Committee representatives from companies licensing rounds and the Oil Ministry , " adding that " to insist on the non - participation of Basra in the Commission indicates suspicions of corruption."